Future Chrome

what is it

 FutureChrome manufactures a hydrochrome chrome spray kit that allows you to put a chrome or custom colored chrome paint finish over any surface. With the process being 98% distilled water and only 2% chemical our process is compliant in all states and only requires a space as big as the part you are going to chrome! Our chrome spray kit’s process actually implants the silver into the surface allowing for an excellent custom chrome finish with great adhesion, removing the risk of any adhesion loss such as chipping or peeling. We use a unique FutureChrome  2K clear specially formulated with a UVA/UVB component resulting in a highly protective UV coating that protects the chrome paint from the natural effects of uv rays and prevents the chrome from fading, yellowing or tarnishing. When doing business with FutureChrome your are not only buying a product but you’re also gaining a healthy business relationship, we provide extensive social media marketing when purchasing one of our FutureChrome systems. At FutureChrome we provide unmatched technical support and customer service for our custom chrome spray kits allowing new customers the ability to start chroming seamlessly. 

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 he FutureChrome product line has been designed and developed by top chemists in the spray on chrome paint field and it has been tested and approved by some of the industry’s leading experts and biggest company names.